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Crazy For A Geek Girl | Free Lesbian Books

A stressful job in finance and investing has made it impossible for Annette to have any semblance of a functional love life. Late one Friday night at work, however, life brightens when a knock on her office door unveils adorably geeky Henrietta, her company's computer consultant.

Will Annette be able to shrug off the negativity around her relationship at work, navigate the conflict of interest in getting involved with this geek IT girl, and finally start living true to herself? Or will this lesbian love affair end like all the rest?

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The Sexy Librarian | Free Lesbian Books

When Amelia finds out that her favorite author bequeathed a previously unreleased novella to her local university library, she wastes no time in going to read it. She never expected, however, that this bookish excursion would introduce her to the most beautiful librarian she'd ever laid eyes on.

Esme, a redheaded bombshell of a librarian, assists Amelia in her special reading request and the two women, one young and one older, instantly bond over their shared love of books. Will a friendly date of drinks and literature lead to something more between these two women? Can their new passionate romance overcome deceit in the library?

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The Ballerina | Free Lesbian Books

With her own dancing career unfortunately behind her, Mish has taken the role of assistant director at a prestigious ballet company in New York City. Her path to success in the dance world appears clear until she begins to fall for 20-year-old protege Dinah, a rising star in the dance company, a young woman who is as naive as she is beautiful.

Against Mish's own better judgment, she's unable to stop herself from becoming romantically involved with the young ballerina. But when another dancer, envious of Dinah's success and Mish's involvement with her, hatches a plan to take over a lead role in the company's current production, Mish sees the career she's built begin to crumble.

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My Friend The Bride | Free Lesbian Books

As she helps her best friend Emma prepare for her impending wedding, Molly begins to recall the secret romance that used to exist between the two young women. Molly knows that as maid of honor she must keep her reemerging passions hidden from Emma, but as the wedding nears she can't help but wonder - was all this meant to be different?

After a bachelorette weekend getaway leads to a rekindled encounter between Molly and Emma, the best friends start to wrestle with their feelings and question if they can make this hidden relationship work. Will Emma's love, light, and clarity inspire Molly to embrace their growing intimacy and take a risk she never thought she was capable of?

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My Writing Professor | Free Lesbian Books

Ever-introverted and somewhat geeky Penny is focused on her studies and her own creative writing. While she can't help but imagine what it might be like to be involved with her pretty writing workshop professor, the up-and-coming literary star Harriet Drake, it all just seems like a wild fantasy, a far away dream, until she suddenly finds herself as the object of her older teacher's romantic affections.

Is Harriet actually interested in Penny or is she just looking for a fling with a young student? Will Penny be able to seize the day and live in the exciting world of a writer... or will she let this novel age gap romance slip away?

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Nicolette Dane | Lesbian Romance Books

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