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Exit Strategy | Lesbian Romance Books

Mae Huxley runs a budding tech start-up in Detroit, with the mission of getting more girls into computer programming. But she's hit a snag. In the midst of a new project that promises to spread her teachings worldwide, Mae and her business are running out of money.

Through a bit of serendipity, Mae is connected with one of her idols--wealthy technology goddess Audrey Addison. Audrey worked for the biggest tech giant out there, and now she owns her own angel investment firm. But she's a serious and severe woman, a keen business mind, and she's known to be an ice queen despite her fiery red hair.

As they grow the company together, Mae sees through Audrey's stern reputation and discovers the real woman underneath. Can Mae melt Audrey's heart and succeed both in business and in love?

Flower Power | Lesbian Romance Books

Taryn Donaghy's job as an equities trader at a financial services firm is leading her down a dark road. The long hours and the high pressure are taking a toll on her mental health. Taryn knows she needs a change, but she doesn't know what that change looks like or how to find it.

A chance meeting with Alex Maris, a florist who delivers a flower feature to the office every week, opens Taryn's eyes and shows her a different path. Alex lives and works on a co-op farm with others like her, a sort of hippie collective of people doing their own thing. It's hard for Taryn not to be intrigued by Alex. She's beautiful and kind, and she's living the blissful and fulfilled life that Taryn is after.

If Taryn doesn't figure her path out soon she might just break down. Will Alex and her farm show Taryn how to find herself and find the love that's eluded her for so long?

Lady Pilot | Lesbian Romance Books

Captain Elaine Cole is an accomplished and popular commercial airline pilot. She's spent her entire career bouncing from one airport to the next, and one lover to the next as well. Being a pilot has made it hard for Lanie to settle down and find love, and now that she's in her forties it's really starting to wear on her.

When Carrie Haden is assigned as a flight attendant on her route, Lanie feels herself falling for the beautiful younger woman. But Carrie is different than the flight attendants Lanie has been with in the past. There's something else there--a brighter spark, a deeper affection--and Lanie can't help but feel that this is her opportunity to finally find the love she seeks.

Building trust and committing to a relationship is difficult for a pilot like Lanie. Could Carrie be the one who finally inspires Lanie to change her ways?

Hidden Treasures | Lesbian Romance Books

Looking to leave her troubled past behind her, Annie Arbuckle takes a restaurant job in the northern resort town of Traverse City, far away from everything and everyone she knows. Annie needs change, a break from the party girl life she had in Detroit, and spending summer in this small town of vacationers seems like the perfect way to get her life back on track.

Then she meets Nora Lowe. Nora is a server at the restaurant, she's gorgeous, curvy, exciting, with a bit of a wild streak. Things don't always add up with Nora, she often seems to be hiding something, but Annie has a hard time saying no to someone so beautiful and so fun. And that can get her into trouble.

Now, with new love on the line, will Annie be able to avoid falling back into old habits while maintaining her budding relationship with Nora? Or will the mischief and the secrets that Nora clings to push Annie over the edge?

Chief Executive | Lesbian Romance Books

Nadia Marek, a graphic designer and account manager at a boutique advertising agency, is about to have her work life flipped upside down. A major competitor has bought her company out and with this shakeup comes the arrival of a new CEO. Nadia's fears for the future of her job become more complicated, however, when she discovers how attracted she is to her new boss.

That boss is Avery Wool, a confident and strong executive, who has come in to reorganize the company. But Avery appears to have ulterior motives. As the changes begin to take hold, things aren't always what they seem with Avery. Nadia, however, can't help but fall for Avery's advances. She's a beautiful woman, sultry, powerful, rich... and she has Nadia in her sights.

How will Nadia reconcile her feelings about the corporate takeover with the growing desire she feels for her new CEO? Is the mounting passion between the women for real, or is it all just a game to Avery? Work often takes a backseat when you have romance knocking at your office door.

An Act Of Love | Lesbian Romance Books

When Jessica Coleridge arrives in Los Angeles to open her new yoga studio, the only person she knows in town is her old friend Liberty Logan. To Jessica's surprise, Liberty has become a famous actress on a hit television show. As the friends rekindle what they once had, romance begins to blossom and this reunion quickly evolves into something much more than friendship.

But fame and money begin to play tricks on Liberty, as she's still naive to her growing celebrity. And with Jessica reentering her life out of the blue, Liberty has a difficult time determining what's real and what's just an act. When money and business mix with love and romance, even old friends can find trust to be a difficult proposition.

With love on the line, both women need to figure out who they are and what they want. Can this second chance at love for Jessica and Liberty win out over the trappings of Hollywood, fame, and money?

A Way With Words | Lesbian Romance Books

Evelyn Driscoll, famed novelist and professor at a small midwestern arts college, is in a rut. It's been over seven years since her hit book came out, her editor is clamoring for a new manuscript, and life in northern Ohio just doesn't compare to the literary world she once inhabited. Her love life feels like even more of a mess.

When one of Evie's graduate students--the beautiful and talented Meadow Sims--admits that she's got a thing for her professor, Evie feels her lost passion start to come back. Meadow is smart, sweet, and has almost finished a novel of her own. The two must write their story carefully, however, as dating a student could put Evie's teaching career at risk.

With Meadow by her side, Evie's inspiration is blooming once again. But can this May-December romance succeed despite the professional consequences?

Field Day | Lesbian Romance Books

After getting into some trouble in the big city, Jane Cairns is sent to live with her aunt and uncle on the family farm in southwest Michigan. Jane's living in a state of arrested development, ambling through young adulthood and finding it difficult to flourish on her own. She just can't get her act together.

When she meets Sally Harris, a local farmer who works on her family's cherry orchard, Jane sees in her new friend a responsible young woman who has it figured out. But Sally, too, has her struggles. Where she's from, it's hard for her to be herself and be open about her desires.

As they each battle their own issues of identity and place, love begins to flourish for Jane and Sally. But can their budding affection survive a dirty past, a secret relationship, family conflict, and more?

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Vanlife | Lesbian Romance Books

Julia Marks isn't one to stick around very long. She's blissfully living the vanlife, crossing the country as she pleases, working odd jobs to fund her lifestyle, treading lightly, and leaving no trace behind her. But despite the immense freedom she has as a bohemian nomad, she can't help but feel that something's missing.

A quick trip through Madison turns far more interesting for Julia when she meets Robin Hyland. Robin is searching for answers, and a chance encounter between the two women opens up a brand new adventure that neither expected. While Julia didn't anticipate having a passenger in her van, it's hard to say no to a pretty redhead who's looking to find herself.

Now these two women must navigate the difficult route ahead of them together. Can love prevail over the challenges of life on the road?

Vanlife is absolutely free -- read it right now!

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